Girl in Progress



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"The message is bound to impact thousands of lives and bring a life altering revelation, which will transform the homes of Hispanic families across the nation. Accordingly, the NHCLC, America’s largest Hispanic Christian Organization,  is proud to lend our support and endorsement, without reservation."

- Rev. Samuel Rodríguez, President - National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)

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"A film you and your family will care about!"

- Dove Foundation

"A redemptive, heartwarming story of love triumphing over dysfunction."

Mitch Irion, President/CEO - WingClips

"Girl in Progress is an inspiring and accurate glimpse into a young person’s real struggle between a God given sense of what is right versus what is merely popular or formed solely by societal norms. Girl in Progress is a must see for teens, families or anyone working with or parenting youth. Morals made relevant - we need more films like this!"

Randy Raus – Life Teen President/CEO

"Girl in Progress... a thought provoking portrayal of what is taking place in far too many homes and families in our society today.. it is a must see for anyone working with young people and single mothers…as leaders this film will stir our hearts to action in this much needed area of outreach."

Mark Gonzales | Founder | US Hispanic Action Network