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When Jesus taught the multitudes, he didn’t usually expound on deep doctrinal truths. He didn’t even give alter calls. What he did was tell simple yet compelling stories. They were stories that related to everyday life and they were stories of kingdom principles in action.


Girl in Progress is a beautiful story about real issues faced by teens and parents today and offers hope and wisdom for dealing with those issues. 

But the only way people will hear this story is if they watch the movie.  Here are two ways you can make sure people see this story:

Take a group: This film is a great tool to reach out to teens and parents within your church, school or other group. Go see Girl In Progress with your church or youth group and have a group discussion afterwards at a nearby coffee shop about the themes from the film.

Buy out a show time on opening weekend: On opening weekend, you can elect to sponsor a Premiere on your own or with other co-sponsors who split the cost. Invite your family, friends, church, school and other community group members.


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